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Custom made dentures

Philip McKeown of PM Denture Clinic, Hamilton, has over 40 years experience in the Dental profession and will make your dentures from initial consultation to the final fit, including making your custom dentures in our In-House Laboratory.

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Why use PM Denture Clinic?

Scotlands most experienced C.D.T.

Philip McKeown has fitted dentures for patients from all over the UK and Ex Pats from all over the world. Philip is a graduate of the Royal College of Surgeons London and the prestigious George Brown college Toronto Canada.

Personal private attention and aftercare

With our Laboratory in our own clinics premises, all aspects of your new dentures from your initial consultation will be made 'In House'.

Unique OP@L White Dentures

Unique to PM Denture Clinic are EXCLUSIVE OP@L White Denture Teeth and as Scotland largest provider of Porcelain teeth you can always be assured of being given the choice and advice of the best Dentures for your aesthetic look and comfort.

Wheelchair accessible

ground floor access to our waiting and treatment rooms.

Need dentures quickly?

Lost dentures? Broken dentures?

  • Dentures repaired in one hour.
  • Lost dentures replaced in one day.
  • Denture repair and replacement Hamilton.
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Sample Products:

Suction cups can be produced in upper dentures to ensure a perfect, slip-free fit.
Partial saddle dentures in either Acrylic or Chrome.
Chrome base partial denture. No palate necessary.

What our patients have to say: